Shalinee Singh

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I'm a resourceful, curious and collaborative digital strategist and growth marketer with twelve years' experience. Happiest when blending my love of digital with my passion for creating great experiences.Β 

Particular experience in content strategy, user experience strategy and the development of content-driven products.

I think content and UX design are fundamental to customer activation and retention when launching and growing a digital business. I enjoy using data and a design thinking approach to help determine experimentation strategy and set growth metrics: how can we create a better experience that will increase LTV, improve engagement and encourage our customers to advocate for our product?

Like to write about food & drink, travel and arts and culture. Selection of links below (not comprehensive).

Former cheesemonger.

Enthusiastic baker.Β 

Deep thinker.

Sometime actor.


Happiest in or under the sea.

Always learning.

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